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Educational Experiences
Considering all of your experiences at UW-Green Bay, indicate your level of agreement with each statement below. Check only one response for each statement.
Scale: SA = Strongly Agree, A = Agree, N = Neutral, D = Disagree, SD = Strongly Disagree, NO = No Opinion
    SA A N D SD NO

Rate each of the following for the major you selected in #2, using the traditional A-F grading scale (where A = "Excellent," F = "Unacceptable," and NO = "No Opinion")
    A B C D F NO

If you could start college over, which of the following best expresses your view?  Select one.

Did you receive an Associate's degree from another institution (e.g., one of the UW Colleges) before enrolling at UW-Green Bay? Select one.

Additional Education Questions
What is the highest degree you ultimately plan to pursue? Select one.

Employment Questions

What is your current employment status. Select one.

Alumni Questions

Since graduation:

How do you keep updated on what's happening at UW-Green Bay?

How have you stayed connected to and engaged with UW-Green Bay?  (Please check all that apply)

Are you interested in connecting or attending a future event?

Demographic Information

Please indicate the following about yourself. Rest assured that all of your responses to this survey are confidential.

Did you live on campus?

Did you transfer to UW-Green Bay?

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