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Have you studied privately?

What is your intended degree program/emphasis?

Please select the instrument or voice part on which you will be auditioning.  (You may select more than one choice).



Have you been admitted to UW-Green Bay?

What is your preferred audition choice?  (Indicate order of preference by putting a 1 next to your most preferred, 2 by your second choice, and 3 by your third choice).

This question has the forced ranking feature applied. If you apply the same ranking to a different row choice, the previous choice with that rank will be deselected.
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Check here if you prefer an individual Faculty lesson/audition. (recommended)
February 24, 2017
March 2, 2017 (Arts Open House Event)
March 24, 2017

Will you need UW-Green Bay to provide you with a piano accompanist for your audition? (If you do not have one.)

Do you plan to improvise (jazz, etc.) during your audition?

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